Top Four Reasons You Need a Lawyer

It doesn’t matter if you are only looking at a fender bender that will take a few minutes in court or a serious case that will require the help of a criminal defense lawyer to mitigate the sentence. If you are thinking that you can save a few bucks by being your own defense lawyer, think again. The day of arguing in front of a judge to sway the court to your point of view are long gone, like the days of the buggy whip. Might have been a practical idea at one time but is no longer relevant in today’s complex world.


The Law is Very Complex

There is a reason that even the most experienced lawyers do not represent themselves in court. The law is very complex and different areas of law have different types of complexity. While understanding the basics of what you have been charged with is important, you want a professional who knows all the little details of how the law works to represent you when the decision by the courts is important and might even greatly change your life.

Even for non-criminal requirements such as drawing up the legal side of a new business, having a lawyer on hand to make sure you are legally covered for everything that could happen to that business is a smart investment in the company.

In the Long Run, a Lawyer is Cheaper

Many times, someone will decide not to make use of the services of a lawyer because they want to save money. But if the case you are involved in goes against you it could cost you more than simply money if it is a criminal law case. You may end up spending time in prison.

Even in a civil case, let’s say someone is suing you, not having a lawyer to help with the fine details of the case may cost you more than you would have paid that lawyer. This is why it is always a smart financial decision to have a lawyer on hand in any legal situation.

Dealing with Evidence

The rules about how evidence is presented in a court case are complicated. Sometimes it might be in your best interest to have a piece of evidence suppressed. If you don’t know the way to do this, you may find yourself at a disadvantage in court over that piece of evidence.

Knowing how to challenge a piece of evidence is just as important as being able to present it in court. In either case, it is doubtful you will have all the resources at your command that most lawyers have regarding this evidence.

Filing the Paperwork

One of the more complex aspects of any court case is the filing of documents. When to file them, how to file them and exactly which documents are important to your case can be confusing. When you hire a lawyer to represent you, you are not only hiring them but also their entire office which includes experts in handling the many documents required for any court case. Getting snowed under by documentation can make or break many cases.