Do You Need an Employment Lawyer?

You spend a good amount of your life at work. If you work eight hours, you spend a third of each and every day at work. Depending on your job, it could come home with you as well; many people work nights, weekends, and other odd hours. You work for many different reasons, but it is likely that you are dependent on your job to house, clothe, and feed yourself and your family. Anything that puts those dependencies in jeopardy can be very damaging to your livelihood. If you lose your job or are unable to work, you could have a difficult time keeping up with bills and responsibilities. If you are terminated or are unable to work for illegal reasons, however, you might have legal standing to file a complaint.

Filing a Complaint

There are many different reasons for which one can file a complaint against an employer. There are several different areas in which employers can mistreat employees that would require legal action. For example, if your employer reduces your work hours, your pay, or terminates you as punishment for a legal complaint, you have grounds to file a legal claim. There are legitimate reasons for which an employer can fire you or reduce your compensation; however, there are many illegitimate reasons as well. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine whether you have legal standing in certain areas. Dorking solicitors can help you determine if you have the right to file a legal complaint against your employer.

Keeping Records

If you feel you are mistreated at your job, you should make sure you keep meticulous records. You should catalogue as much as possible, which means keeping copies of your pay stubs if you have them, your work schedules, and any sort of performance reviews. The idea is that you have a much higher chance of proving your case if you can display objective evidence. You are trying to build a case against your employer. If you can produce schedules, pay stubs, or performance reviews that indicate a dramatic change in your employment status without a corresponding legitimate reason, you have a strong case.

Choosing a Lawyer

Making your case is not going to be easy. Your employer will likely have powerful lawyers who argue on their behalf. That’s why you need to level the playing field. You need to hire an attorney who can provide you with the kind of support you need to successfully argue your case. When you are choosing a solicitor, you should look for one who specifically mentions employment law as an area of expertise. There are many different aspects to employment law that can be quite confusing or difficult to navigate. A talented, experienced lawyer will understand the many different facets of the legal field and will be able to represent you effectively.

Arguing with your employer can be difficult. Having an experienced solicitor on your side can help make it easier as well as increase your chances of being successful.