Bail bonds in the Houston area

 Everyone know that everything in Texas is big and in this excess, we can often go overboard, which can at times lead us astray and end up in the back of a police cruiser. Which was the case with myself. I had been in Houston celebrating spring break, when I got a little too drunk and got into a fight over something I cannot even recall completely. I vaguely even recall how I ended up in a holding cell when it all happened. Sleeping in the drunk tank, I awoke to be informed that I had been arrested for assault. Being my first time arrested, I was very concerned with what would happen to me. Now, after sobering up, I was properly processed.


Many hours later I stood before a judge and was given my court date and the amount for bail. Now, I had two choices to choose from. Either I pay the bail or I remain in the county jail until the court date. But, I really didn’t have the thousands of dollars it would require for me to be set free. That where I was given the opportunity to reach out to any Houston TX bail bonds I would like. There were many more to choose from and was a little intimidated. I elected to choose a bail bondsmen by the name Ok bail bonds.

It was pretty late in the evening when I called and was concerned if they would be open. To my relief, I was greeted by a man over the phone. I explained my situation and what my set bail amount was. He then began to explain the terms and conditions of there service. Being informed that I would be paying a partial portion of the total bail amount. And that this was a loan with its own interest rate that I would pay for the service. After that we discussed the payment plan options and found a way to work with us both. I was constantly encouraged to make sure It would not become a burden to my budget. If so, that could lead to all sort of events. Not to mention the lack of support, if you ever need to use the service again. So, in sort, don’t just agree to anything to get out of jail faster. It can come to bite you in the end.

A few hours go by after talking with the man, I was being released. This gave me the opportunity to handle the case better than if I was sitting in jail. It also helps, just to not be in there. But, in the end, I was grateful for the ability to utilized this service to allow me to deal with the situation I had found myself in. I was even able to talk to the guy I fought, through our lawyers and made a deal. Which I imagine that community service is a lot better than any amount of time in the county jail.